Viking day at St Leonards


Pupils of St Leonards have been learning about Vikings and made the following comments.

On Viking Day we made Viking bread, longboats, longhouses, runes and maps. I loved Viking Day.


On Viking Day we had a big battle. I enjoyed the battle because we fought like Vikings and Anglo Saxons

On Viking Day we had a big fight. I enjoyed the bread with honey and apple juice because it tasted really nice and it was like a Viking feast.

On Viking Day we made yummy delicious Viking bread and ate it with honey at the end of the day. I enjoyed the battle because it was such FUN!

On Viking Day, we acted out a fantastic raid and we took turns to be Anglo Saxons and Vikings.

I enjoyed making the bread because it was very interesting to know what the Vikings ate. We ate it with honey and apple juice.

St Leonard’s Harvest

Children sang, reflected and shared prayers of thanks at the St Leonards Harvest festival. Donations of food were given to the Hastings Foodbank.

Star gazing at St Leonards CEP Academy

St Leonard’s Year 5 have been learning about planets and the solar system, so they held a stargazing event for children and parents. The pupils made a supper from the bread they had baked earlier in the day and then enjoyed a stargazing and night-time scavenger hunt. A fun learning time was had by all.

Regional Schools Commissioner visits Christ Church

Christ Church CE Primary and Nursery Academy welcomed Dominic Herrington the Regional Schools Commisioner for a visit on Friday 15th September.

Picture shows L-R, Mark Talbot, DCAT’s Chief Education Executive, Dominic Herrington, RSC and Anne Hanney, Headteacher of Christ Church.